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Negotiation Framework

Negotiation is a deep ocean of learning, and we have developed a set of essentials that even those with years of negotiation experience will discover to be highly insightful, and applicable in negotiations from the simple to the complex.
Negotiation Strategy

Our instincts are not always our best master. Discover which of your instinctive behaviours are serving as strengths – or weaknesses – toward serving your interests. See the bigger negotiation picture, and learn to unlock the potential of successful Negotiation Strategy.

Effective Preparation

How do you prepare? What are the key pillars of negotiation preparation? What if you only have 30 seconds to prepare in an elevator? We deliver a preparation methodology that helps you balance tensions, keep objectives in focus, and be more self-confident, and forward moving.

Conflict Management

Conflicts are often rife with emotions, biases, and lack of trust. How are you building or re-building trust? Is there a sequence approach to the issues that is wiser than another? Get access to a process in conflict management that is a necessity for any negotiator’s toolbox.

Complex Negotiations

Success principles for complex negotiations do not stray so far from those of simpler negotiations. Yet, the web of differing dynamics, multi-layers, multi-issues, and multi-cultures, require diligence & tact. Discover the right first moves for managing complexity.

The first of many common pitfalls in negotiation is to assume that we only learn through experience, or that there is nothing more to learn about negotiation. Yet, there are great theories & matching skills development available. We have the package: a proven, results-generating learning process that will help you make rapid improvements and alter negotiated outcomes. Just grab it, and make some good things happen!

Micro-skills Training

How much you need to improve in the four areas below certainly depends on your situation and existing skill levels. What we have found is that our participants experience it as a highly valuable exercise to spend time practicing each area thoroughly, in order to get one step closer to mastery. As the late baseball great, Yogi Berra once said, "In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is...".
Micro-skills training is a 'practice zone' focused on improving at key moments in negotiations.
  • Process Setting

    Our aim here is to provide participants with the skills to not only start negotiations in a good way, but also secure successful implementation. Getting a good process in place generates efficiency, builds trust, and clearer agreements.

  • Indentify Interests & motivations

    Negotiation really is about questioning & listening skills par excellence. Learn new ways identifying, and structuring up critical information in the way of interests & motivations. Find out what makes your counterparts tick.

  • Joint-problem solving

    To create optimal value in a negotiation, often requires facilitating creative & effective problem solving. Develop the ability to invite counterparts to take a same side of the table approach, in order to maximize mutual gains.

  • Responding to difficult tactics

    Hardball tactics throw us off balance. Options seem to narrow; emotions get triggered. Practice important "game changing" communication skills to remain steady, emotionally composed, and with clear thinking patterns.

Programs & Solutions

Whatever your negotiation needs or challenges, we have a learning solution for you. Whether it is negotiation as an individual set of skills & strategies, as an organizational core competence, general refreshers, or preparation audits & simulations, our aim is to support improvement of negotiation outcomes of every participant we interact with. The 4 tabs below will tell you more about what is possible.

Open Program

The Generact Negotiation Program is an insightful and richly rewarding 4-day program (2 + 1 + 1 format) for those wishing to become a more professional & responsible negotiator. Whether you have years of negotiation experience, or you have just discovered the importance of negotiation in your life & career, this program delivers highly relevant learning, new action logic, and easily measured results.


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Tailored Programs

We built the Generact Negotiation Program and brought it to the market to fill a need for companies to develop high level negotiation skills through a unique methodology. The results have been impressive. Coinciding with that general need for people to improve as individual negotiators, is another; Negotiating Organizations. Many companies still apply the traditional model of sending individuals or small teams for development. This will continue to be the case, as good training is still good training. What we are seeing more & more of, however, are companies looking to develop Negotiation as a Core Competence within their organizations. This requires a more long-term approach, and from an in-house vantage point.


Custom Simulations & Role Plays

As with our Tailored Programs, we offer a tailored opportunity to simulate specific types of negotiations. These can be 3rd Party Role Plays designed to highlight key negotiation challenges in context specific negotiations (HR, Environmental Policy, Cross Cultural, Distributive Bargaining, Buying, Selling, Collective Bargaining, Salary Negotiation, etc.), or they can be tailor-written for specific negotiations you are about to face for “war-gaming” effects.

Tailor a role-play!

Toolbox sessions

Negotiation is a deep ocean of learning. There are many ways to go about gathering new insights and creating behavior shifts & actions to affect outcomes for the better. Our Toolbox Sessions can be helpful. They are not designed to replace the deeper learning of a good Negotiation Framework, and a Accompanying Micro-skills, but more act as a supplement to, or and introduction of good negotiation practices.


Registered participants access a deeper learning curve through our web-interactive course pages. These are synced with live, face-to-face learning, and feature e-learning video content, downloadable negotiation resources, as well as tests & quizzes to strengthen understanding of concepts & methods.

Our Team

Passionate about people; passionate about negotiation!
Evan Westerlund
Evan Westerlund
Program Design, Trainer, Customer Relations
Professor Alain Lempereur
Professor Alain Lempereur
Program Design, Trainer, Customer Relations
Minna Westerlund
Minna Westerlund
Trainer, Customer Relations

Participant comments

We are honoured to have the opportunity to work with people who are open in their learning style, and consistently hungry to stretch themselves! They really make the dynamics of the program come alive, and through intentional application in their own negotiating contexts, they bring back & share good news and reflections!

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