Collaborative Skills & Strategies

Improve your communication, collaboration, conflict management, meeting & decision skills with our open program or custom solutions.

A Negotiation Framework & Toolbox

You bring an open attitude and the hunger to learn - we'll bring the relevant, field-tested theories & methods - providing you with a powerful framework and highly useful toolbox for future negotiations, from the simple to the complex.
Negotiation Strategy

Our instincts are not always our best master. Discover which of your instinctive behaviours are serving as strengths – or weaknesses – toward serving your interests. See the bigger negotiation picture, and learn to unlock the potential of successful Negotiation Strategy.

Effective Preparation

How do you prepare? What are the key pillars of negotiation preparation? What if you only have 30 seconds to prepare in an elevator? We deliver a preparation methodology that helps you balance tensions, keep objectives in focus, and be more self-confident, and forward moving.

Conflict Management

Conflicts and disputes are often rife with emotions, bias, and lack of trust. How are you building or re-building trust? Is there a sequence approach to the issues that is wiser than another? Get access to a process in conflict management that is a necessity for any negotiator’s toolbox.

Complex Negotiations

Success principles for complex negotiations do not stray so far from those of simpler negotiations. Yet, the web of differing dynamics, multi-layers, multi-issues, and multi-cultures, require diligence & tact. Discover the right first moves for managing complexity.

Are you & the people you lead negotiating on behalf of your company from a common philosophy or negotiation framework? Are you working from measurable criteria or codes of conduct for negotiators to live up to? Imagine what could be possible if you were...


Our aim is to support the improvement of negotiation outcomes for every participant. You will gain practical & interactive learning with an open practice environment. We will help you broaden your portfolio as a professional & responsible negotiator.
Essential competencies for leading successful negotiations
  • Process Setting

    Framing, Re-Framing, and Agendas all play a part in efficient PROCESS SETTING. It is often a negotiation in itself. Gain researched insights on the affects of different approaches, and add best practices to your toolbox.

  • Identifying Interests & Motivations

    Negotiation requires questioning & listening par excellence. You'll adapt new communication structures to identify INTERESTS & MOTIVATIONS, and gather critical pieces information influencing outcomes & trust.

  • Joint-Problem Solving

    Breaking out of the veritable box of 'positional bargaining' to find efficient trading zones takes strong facilitation skills, heuristics, and clear collaborative intent. Learn to optimize deal space through JOINT-PROBLEM SOLVING.

  • Responding to Difficult Tactics

    DIFFICULT TACTICS played by the other side throw us off balance. RESPONDING effectively is simple, but not easy. We'll create a productive practice zone for managing your own reactions & responses to the tactics you anticipate.

No time for Tailored Company Programs? Schedule not matching for our Open Program? Don't let either stop the result. Connect about our shorter Toolbox Sessions...

Our Team

People passionate about negotiation, and your results...
Evan Westerlund
Evan Westerlund
Program Design, Trainer, Customer Relations
Professor Alain Lempereur
Professor Alain Lempereur
Program Design, Trainer, Customer Relations
Minna Westerlund
Minna Westerlund
Trainer, Customer Relations

What participants are saying...

We are honoured to have the opportunity to work with people who are open in their learning style, and consistently hungry to stretch themselves! They really make the dynamics of the program come alive, and through intentional application in their own negotiating contexts, they bring back & share good news and reflections!


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