Tailored Solutions

Negotiating Organizations

Tailored programs & solutions are our expertise. Many companies still apply the traditional model of sending individuals or small teams for development in or open Generact Negotiation Program. This will continue to be the case, as good training is still good training. We put a great deal of effort & commitment into delivering the highest possible quality & resuts through that program.  What we are seeing more & more of, however, are companies looking to develop Negotiation as a Core Competence within their organizations. Building the so-called Negotiating Organization requires a tailored in-house approach.

We negotiate for all kinds of reasons across a broad array of situations all day long. There are formal and informal negotiations taking place everywhere in the workplace. If not between Sourcing & Supply then between Sales & Marketing, Leadership & Teams, Quality & Production, Legal & Environmental, CSR & the Community. The leadership team in your organization negotiates performance and change, and before that you negotiate about who you are as a company, what your purpose is, what your core beliefs are, and what the strategy is. We all negotiate all the time.

Yet, often, we discover that many organizations are running on a type of ‘auto-pilot’, negotiating mostly by instinct. Not really knowing why they are recycling problems & internal conflicts, or why the customer seems only to be focused on price. Internally, competition is sometimes running rampant. Conflicting KPI’s are used as scapegoats for what is a lack of ability to negotiate well and solve problems together. Because of this, the “One Company” approach to company values, is sometimes thrown to the wolves. Externally, reputation suffers because of it. It is not that business is bad. Not at all. It just could be a whole lot better. 

One great way to tackle these very ‘real’ issues, is to tackle the questions: How do we negotiate as an organization? What are the differences between how people perceive negotiation, and its role/function in the organization? What is are our best practices? How are we being responsible negotiators internally & externally? And then get busy finding and developing a common and sustainable language, framework & skills set that represent and honour the company’s core beliefs, values, strategy, increases internally efficiency/cohesion, and enhances external reputation. This is where you will find Generact to be highly useful. 


The work we do with you before any training takes place makes a big difference in outcomes, both during and after the training period. It is not just session content that matters. For us, methodology comes first. It is not only about throwing some roll-plays together and saying “So, there we go…we’re all trained up & ready to go…”. To use an old adage often used by sound engineers from the world of music (live & recorded). Input = outputTimely and relevant input up front allows us to orchestrate a more pronounced, measurable, and lasting result.

Pre-work includes the following conversations, and facilitation elements, which help us to tailor solutions that deliver relevant & sustainable impact:

  1. Organization: Establish with leadership, a clear purpose with the improvement initiative, clear goals & objectives, and appropriate communication surrounding it. Also, to understand current & desired outcomes in relation to Negotiation Culture, Skill Levels, Approaches, Measurement, Gaps in Performance. 
  2. Front-line: To pursue a credible gap-analysis, we engage perspectives from front-line negotiators about their current negotiation instructions, practices & experiences, in order to compare those with the organization’s view of what needs to be improved. Patterns often emerge here, to show where training interventions may be needed, and how operating procedures support or hinder negotiation objectives.
  3. Findings Report: A third level conversation surrounds a Findings Report with Leadership. Here we structure up a report to show the current and desired situations, obstacles, and methods to overcome. It is from here, that we begin to craft the solution.


We can promise you that even a simple drag & drop of our Open Program Model into a company class situation, with the right cross-functional target group, can lead to a great set of sustainable results. It would aid in building a common negotiation framework & language, develop essential skills, and get the target group deploying new strategies in the real world.

While standardized approaches can be helpful, your organization may have more specific areas to target for improvements (HR, Legal, Quality, Supply Chain Management, Customer Service & Claims, Internal vs. External Negotiations, or other areas). Our tailored solutions allow us to integrate a variety of specialized learning experiences that extract important insights on negotiation behaviour focused on differing contexts. These can include pre-written cases, custom role-plays & simulations, or other tailored training exercises.

Say, for example, your organization spends a lot of time negotiating across borders with different cultures. We would then look together to incorporate sessions tailored to experiencing & understanding cultural prototypes, and how to adapt negotiating styles to fit the needs of the situation & cultural differences. If you negotiate within Quality, Sustainability, or Sourcing, or annual Price Negotiations, the same customized approach is possible.

Using the pre-work mentioned earlier, we weave together a process that creates awareness, clear objectives, commitment, an open attitude for learning, and an accountability & reward to move learnings from aha’s, ideas, and insights, into action and measurably improved negotiation outcomes. You’ll rapid improvements in three main areas: People (relationships), Problems (how they are being solved internally & externally), and Process (how people are navigating the process of problem solving with other people).

Other tailoring elements include time-frames, delivery formats, training locations (where F2F is involved), ideal group sizes to accelerate progress toward the objectives, supportive coaching, material tailoring, and wise follow-up mechanisms to enhance sustainability.

Face-to-Face or Digital

Be smart, save costs, and earn on your training investment through a smart delivery format!

Companies are set up differently, and each requires its own special solution when it comes to pulling an improvement process together. More and more we see tighter cost focus on travel, meeting efficiency, and using time in a smart way without losing the human touch. Dependent on your needs, we can adapt a variety formats to ensure that people get the learning curve they need, and the result. Here are just a few, and we are not afraid to be creative with you:

  • Traditional face-to-face “In-session” training sessions
  • Group ZOOM training sessions (remote training via video conference)
  • Sub-group training at wise geographical locations
  • Supplemental e-learning content, completed between F2F sessions

Whether you have a head-office nearby as a home-base for your people, or a number of satellite offices spread across global regions, it is possible to create powerful results with the right process and a little bit of coordination.

Let us guide you toward a result. Small groups, pilot programs, awareness builders to initiate interest, its all possible. All we need to do is meet & co-create.

We are so convinced that our way of working (which is always evolving) could benefit your entire organization, that we would like to offer you a 2.5 hour negotiation awareness building session to find out what negotiation instincts are at play. Simply contact us for more information.

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